We are totally independent and able to supply full & updated ranges of mobiles & accessories across all 5 networks depending on your requirements.We are unique in having a complete understanding of the needs of agri-business. We have created solutions to meet the telecoms challenges you are likely to encounter whilst also offering you enhanced levels of customer support and user experience.

• Rural areas can often experience signal strength difficulties. We can help you overcome these and extend the reach of your mobile network, bringing improved coverage, data speed and quality within the office or workplace, supporting 4 phones at any one time from a pool of 30+

• We can offer you excellent tariffs which can include free calls between handsets/numbers in a group and free calls to any UK landline. We will enable you to monitor your account through quarterly reviews. Under some contracts we can also downsize your mobile group in the quieter periods to accommodate seasonal peaks.

• Everyone has different needs. We will create a completely bespoke solution to suit your own circumstances so that you and your team can maintain communications wherever you are operating. This can include setting up tailored Blackberry configurations for ‘email on the move’ packages.

• A bit Extra. When you sign up to our package we can offer you free extra handsets or hardware funds in the form of cash-back credits. Plus we can offer attractive retention/loyalty packages through the networks. In addition to all this we can even offer mid-term re-signs at 12 months, (if you buy direct with the network then you would have to wait 24 months before re-sign).

• Guaranteed delivery. New handsets and/or additional hardware will all be sent to you by our guaranteed next day delivery service (provided you give us your instructions before 5pm).

• More. We can provide and install suitable car/vehicle kits for your fleet. We also supply a complete range of Bluetooth products and laptops to enable seamless communications at all levels.